Yelien Cabrera, Miami – Florida

Talk about a chin with its own area code, yikes. Meet Yelien Cabrera , Instagram handle @yeli3n. Yelien is a wife (poor dude), mother of 4 (feel sorry for those little boys), and an undercover floozy! She’s new to the scene, even though she looks like she’s 40, as she’s been popping out kids for the past 10 years and using up all her husbands pennies to redo that body and face. And from the looks of her pre surgery self, it looks like she’s wasted quite a pretty penny. Sources spotted her in Vegas a month ago with no husband or ring around her finger and guys buying Dom for her with glowing letters spelling her name. Must be nice having a husband financing your body so that other guys can enjoy it. Fast forward a few weeks and she’s traveling Europe with her husband all in love or so it seems, who, let’s get real, probably knew she was in Vegas with other men, let’s call them the modern marriage. Taking a look at his Instagram page, his profile says “servant of Christ”…. really? Then why did you marry the devil in disguise? The hypocrisy i tell you. So be careful if you have money and run into this girl, she comes with a high price of wanting a new branded purse and comes with herpes. Anyone else got dirt, spill it, I’m sure there is more to this one that meets the eyes. She certainly has the correct friends in the escort business, easily spotted on her Instagram page, which we will do articles on soon enough.

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