Wilkenson Toussaint – Florida

Wilkenson Toussaint age 39 born Dec 29, 1978 from Florida or Haiti is a complusive cheater, freeloader and liar. He came to me with a girlfriend and a string of other interested men and women. When I met him I was unaware that he was involved with another woman. She contacted me and told me they were together. They broke up. He claimed he had no where to go and I allowed him to stay with me. He is very strange. So I was already involved and let him stay. He received many calls he claimed it was his ec harassing him. But the more I thought about I knew she wanted nothing to do with him so he was lying. He constantly asked me to borrow money but claimed he had this big job but never had money. Stupid me I gave him thousands of dollars he claimed he needed help supporting his children and pay off bills. One night his phone was ringing. I answered it was another woman claiming to be his girlfriend. I broke into his phone and found he was slerping with men and asking them for money. He told them I was crazy and he couldn’t leave me. He told me he had two kids by his ex. I found out he has 8 kids by 6 different women. I saw pictures of him with men in sexual positions with their p**** in his mouth. He was using all these people for money. He was lining up a new place to stay with a woman he had just met. He asked me to move to a new town to get away from his so called craxy ex which is probably a lie. I just uncovered lie after lie. The fact that he sleeps with men was alarming enough but I found text messages between him and his cousin and they were having sex. I had a hard time getting him out of my house. I didn’t confront him with what I found because he must be a killer or crazy enough to kill me. If you see this man run and beware he is a lunatic freeloading liar. Run.

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