Whitney Bricker — Naples, Florida

Whitney Bricker started working for my husband of 23 years BCK in October 2015 .. Whitney was dating a guy at the time lived w him ..Me & my husband went to visit his sick mom in November came BCK then end of November & I started to notice a lot of txt messages & phone calls & my husband getting more distant working later & to the point of not coming home .. I questioned him on it he kept telling me he was having a hard time w his mom being sick cause she was dying of brain cancer .. I tried to be understanding tht was it but my gut kept telling me no !! I finally started to notice hotel stays weeks at a time lots of spending .. I reached out to my husbands partner of his Bussiness to tell him if his has notice anything w the new secretary cause my husband was making purchases at kid stores .. we have 5 daughters together .. but the stores are for little girls .. so I mentioned tht to his partner .. the partner said to me the secretary has two smal girls but I don’t think it’s her cause she has a bf ..all his spending was out of hand in December.. Then came January & by now all the signs added up.. February a friend told me they are together at a bowling ring w my youngest and her 2… I don’t respect a women tht knew he was married w 5 daughters.. I understand my husband played a big part but she kept after him .. I confronted my husband & her slut ass .. Whitney lied to her bf .. my husband lied to me .. so I filed for divorce in February 2015. They both moved into gether .. Whitney shortly got pregnant after so who knows if it’s my husbands are her bf at tht time.. I think Whitney saw sleeping w her boss was better then her bf .. all I hav to say is he has to pay child support , alimony & half his business is mine so u hav him thinking u won some great prize .. you both are meant for each other u both don’t respect relationships cause u both where in one why sneaking around to see each other .. karma is a bitch ..?

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