Whatever You Do….. DO Not Trust Meagan Chip-Smith

Believes she can pay for her sins by screwing other peoples lives up. If she knows you have a child, she will try everything in her power to find something wrong with you and report it to the police or social services, to make her future career as a Children’s Aid worker more successful. Narcissism is the only true thing she has left to her. That an Alcoholism. Her fake smile can be easily mistaken for kindness. If you try and call her out on harassing you? Oh you better watch out because she will fabricate a ridiculous story to get the cops involved. She Cheats on her Boyfriends, invades home properties and LOVES drama, and if she can’t find you, she will hunt you down by calling up everyone in town/city to try and get the information. What ever you do, DO NOT befriend her. She likes a new challenge. She loves meddling in other peoples business because she thinks she knows everything. If you challenge her on this and if she has been drinking she “may” become violent. My friend is getting consoling because of this chick! GOD please give this girl the BAD KARMA she deserves for being a serious home wrecker. I really hope her college program finds drugs in her system because shes going to be a Children’s Aid worker for crying out loud!!!!! WHO WANTS THAT?!?! not me. Hopefully not any of you!
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