Last summer Bob’s friend warned me that he was a player and a cheater but Bob said and did all the right things to convince me he was’nt. We had several wonderful months together. He constantly told me on a daily basis that we were meant to be and how much he was in love we me and etc. On the weekend after Thanksgiving, he asked me to marry him. I said ” yes”. Within 3 weeks he dropped me like a hot potato. Abandonee me abrutpy. Never called or text or returned mine. WHAT A COWARD !!!! I deserved a reason. Just prior to all this he told me that a woman at the Crosby hospital where he is working gave him her #. He said he called her and told her he had a girlfriend. I believed him at the time but since he dropped me it makes sense that he is probably with her. The way he broke up with me is devastating. What a narsacist. You just don’t do that. He’s a dog, coward loser and a scumbag. You don’t break up with someobne this way !!!! Please pass this message on to woman you know that know him or live in the area. Thank you so much. I don’t want anyone else to get their heart broken . WARNING TO ALL WOMEN IN CROSBY

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