Wallers Grant – Alabama

David and Ashley Waller are both lyers and cheaters. They deserve each other. David will do the do with any one male or female who will do the do with him. Ashley however will do the do with males even David’s dad as long as no one ever find out the truth. Ashley lied about her first child while pregnant that it was David’s only to see it could not be his, turned out to be a half breed. David is still having sex with his first wife all before the divorce and after tell her he wants her back even the night before marrying Ashley while she Ashley is making Meth stealing from her employer. Yes she was found out finally got herself fired. David works for Reed construction it’s only a matter of time till he loses his job… Guess who he will be going back to? Tammy his first wife because she lives him so much even after 5 kids with Ashley course Ashley and David both have cheated on each other the whole time they have been together David with Tammy mostly plus others and Ashley with any man who finds fat women good for any fun.

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