#Waeljoh #WGAljohmani #WaeelAljohmani DOES YOUR WIFE KNOW THAT YOU ARE SINGLE ?????

He will find you on sexddatingsites, netdatingsites, Tinder, Insta (waeljoh) Snapchat (WG25-1) or Facebook (WG Aljohmani)
He will tell you that he is single – and that is the first lie.
He is married ! And his wife is pregnant !
Second lie – he will tell you that he doesn´t have any kids. His oldest son lives on the Philippines. He is still married to the mother, whom he met in Dubai. Has never seen his son and blocks both him and the mother.
Waeel forgot to tell the second wife, twice his age and from Iran, that he is a cheating liar and couldn’t keep his pants closed ! He told the world that he divorced her 3 years ago. Got his own apartment but kept running back to her (they were still married – did she know that you were single ????)
Waeel was going to be kicked out of Dubai and desperately needed someone to marry. She was the unfortunate one.
While she was preparing the wedding and paying a fortune to get him to Denmark, he was cheating on her and got the woman from the Philippines pregnant. He also got hepatitis from someone else.
Coming to Denmark, he kept cheating. Rebekka, with the 7 kids, Trine, a choppy 16 year old, Jazmin from Svendborg, Trine, the coffee producer, Trina from the netdating site, Maria from Italy, Karolina the Polish single mother, Line from Vietnam, some girls from Thailand, Pia and her daughter Lin from Odense, Nour, 14 and from Dubai, Bri, transgender from Thailand and living in Germany, Mona from Vollsmose…I could continue forever !
Waeel will use you. Empty your bank account and give you hepatitis.
You will be a secret – he will delete every single photo you take of him (his wife shouldn’t know) and he will tell you that he never is online on social media…sure…he is online 24/7 busy writing to other women !
Waeel is now married to a 14-year-old and to a woman who is expecting his child. He does not really care.
Waeel has been sentenced twice – once for threatening his first wife and wanting to kill her. Once for destroying the car of his at-the.moment-wife and yes he did it, because she asked him who Mona from Vollsmose was ?
Waeel will block you and unblock you whenever he needs sex (he is addicted to sex and watches more porn than 12-year-olds are watching videos on Youtube) or money.
Waeel will tell you that all the others are liars.
Waeel will be convincing – don´t trust him. Once a liar and cheater – always a liar and cheater.
You will never meet his family or friends. You could ask them questions and find out that he is a disgusting cheater and liar.
Ask Waeel what Mohammed from Munkebo will say if he finds out that is cheating on his pregnant wife ?
Or Khaled and Shaker from Kerteminde ?
Abu Malek from Nyborg ?
Abdullah from Frederiksberg ?
Don´t bother to ask his best buddy Yaser Dammad from Odense, studying and never finishing at Odense University. He will tell you the same lies. He too is cheating on his poor wife and son.

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