Waeljoh / WG Al Johmani /Waeel Al Johmani Kerteminde Denmark

Waeel Aljohmani is toxic and he will poison your life and slowly destroy you with all his lies.
He will call you “mentally ill” ( just like all the others he is cheating on), he will block you ( just like he blocks his wife and the other wife and his son on the Philippines) and then threaten you. Ask him about his criminal record ( of course he will deny). Ask him to go out in public ( he will refuse – you could meet someone who knows his wife or worse some of the several other women he is cheating on and telling lies) Ask him to take a pic ( he will refuse or just delete it again or even destroy your phone)
You will be a secret just like all the others – and his wife and kids.
Waeljoh will send you Ed Sheehan quotes ( recycling – you will all get the same) and pics of coffee ( he works as a coffee roaster for Stellini Kaffe and yes – you all get the same pics)
WG will threaten you, accuse you of everything from cheating ( that is what he does) to ruining his life ( he will destroy yours in a second)
Waeel will tell you what to wear, who to see and what to do.
You will sleep with him and afterwards he will write to his wife that he will be home soon and then he will like pics of tattooed plastic girls who buy their followers on Instagram.
He is nothing but disgusting

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