Waeel Aljohmani Kerteminde Copenhagen Taastrup

He liked my pictures on Insta and sent me a message. He told me he was single, a coffee roaster who worked in Taastrup and lived in Kerteminde. We met a few times – all he wanted was sex. He never talked. Never asked me how I was. What I was doing, He just wanted to have sex. I am not that kind of girl and told him so. Then he blocked me. EVERYWHERE !
He has a disgusting friend, Yaser Dammad, who lives in Odense. He is also married and has kids. He too is cheating on his wife and these two go out, getting drunk and have fun with very young girls !
I googled him and found him on several dating-sites. I also found pictures of him and his wife. The cheating liar is married and told me (and all the others he is contacting) that he is single !!!
He has a pregnant wife and cheats on her !
He has been married before. To an Iranian, twice his age and to the mother of his firstborn son. Someone from the Phillipines. The son was made during his marriage to the Iranian.
He lied about everything. I have no idea if Waeel Aljohmani is his real name. He calls himself Wg Ajohmani and Waeljoh on Social Media. Apparently he works for Stellini Kaffe but I guess that is a lie too !

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