Victoria Rocha — San Jose, California

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Victoria is part of an agency that brings an onslaught of FLOOZY from Brazil. She goes by the name of Jane. Do you think trump would approve of this? She was here most of the summer and fall being a floozy. She’s verified on many sites. I saw her at the mall once. She was speaking Portuguese with Larissa (another prostitute and I’m sorry, her name is ELLEN according to the site haha). They were laughing at the guys they were with and talking sh1t. I heard Jane had to go home because LE caught her in a hotel and she escaped then fled to Brazil, but not without taking the American dollar with her… the agency she works for is about to be canned. Anyways, I think she should remove that mole. She looks like a deformed dog and sounds like one too. Super fat in person. Victoria Rocha

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