Victoria Headrick, Sociopath Cheater

This sex addict sociopath is looking to leech off any bro that has something. She has no remorse or loyalty and will cheat if given the opportunity. Hook up dating while in a relationship or marriage is a must for this skank. She is willing to do anything to keep up a fake image online but lives a secret life. She uses fake names and dating site profiles. Will freak our if ever questioned about her lies and permiscuous activity. Any “real” person will dislike her and no good women will associate with her, whether they know what she’s up to or not. She recently divorced and was remarried within 6 months. She is currently holding her children hostage and doing anything to keep the child support money coming in. She willing to commit fraud and destroy lives if her mask is threatened. Will deliberately spread STDs and blame the unsuspecting victim of giving her the STD. Energy Vampire with no morals or guilt. Beware of her mask, lest you fall victim to this evil psychopath…
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