Vicky Orr – Dallas, Texas

I knew this girl named Vicky Orr who was so thirsty she would text me almost every night wanting to bang. When I would finally respond she would be at my door within minutes. She was so easy so I kept her around until she gave me DRD!! I always wrapped up but she was so ratchet she would beg me not to. Biggest mistake. It gets worse. Before I found out she had contaminated me with her diseases I saw her one last time and she was so drunk she started telling me all these gross things about how she has stomach issues and lets them rip all the time and then blames people around her! She even proceeded to pull out her bottle of beano she carries around with her. Nik I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. This girl is so trashy and actually down right disgusting. Guess she is still as nasty as ever. Stay away from this smelly std spreading floosy.

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