Vicky Montero Urquiza Beuhl Spokane WA USA-Mexico

After 17 years of marriage and 21 years together, Vicky accepted the advances of a wealthy man. She had once been a respectable and considerate person with integrity. This is why it took me about 7 months to discover her cheating.

It turns out my 12 year old daughter discovered it at the same time I was discovering it. She introduced this other man to my children before we were divorced. She even took my son with this other man and his son for a 3-day trip over Father’s Day.

My children know she cheated and have experienced a lot of anger, depression, anxiety, insomnia, even suicidal thoughts. None of this has deterred her from continuing her relationship. She has chosen her relationship with this guy over her relationship with my children.

My son is very disappointed in her and my daughter has lost a lot of respect for her. Both are in counseling with the same counselor the other guy sends his kid. It would be one thing if we had gotten a divorce and she met this guy sometime later. However, he helped her break up the family of my children and thus they hate him for it.

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