Vice President of Operations at Cigna Home Delivery and Specialty Pharmacy – South Dakota

Scott Sortino, biggest fake and cheater everywhere, and overall disgusting human being. Lied to me for 18 years. Cheated on me for 12 of those 18 years. One at home taking care of the house and kid and one on the road in a love nest. It’s his history. He just can’t stop himself, but this time this nasty immoral cheat uses the Cigna Company to do his nasty affairs. Cigna paid hotels for sex romps. Cigna company phones for skank chat and Partially paid for Cigna Vegas “work trips” turned into nasty Vegas Viagra Festivals. Yep, he’s a viagra man ladies. You can find him anywhere Cigna sends him texting his corporate w****, Heidi Sheldon Smith, aka Heidi Rebecca Smith, aka Heidi Smith.

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