Vancouver’s Gay P4P Joshua “Josh” Fercho

This is Joshua “Josh” Fercho. He also goes by the name Nathan when he’s out working. This guy charges a lot of money to have sex, thinking he’s God. Josh also has a pepsi habit that he feeds while still trying to pay rent on his penthouse suite in downtown Vancouver. I met this guy back when he was in Victoria, when he didn’t make you pay for sex. He was using my friend for money by taking money out of his checking account every week to feed his addiction at Hush Nightclub when it was open. He moved to Vancouver to escape debt in Victoria from all the money he stole or manipulated people into giving him for his addiction. Josh takes photos and sells them to anyone that wants to hang them on their wall, to boost his funds as well as his ego. This guy can’t be trusted because if you have money, he will find a way to get his hands on it, whether through sex, manipulation, or stealing it.
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