Valerie Grijalva — San Diego, California

This dirty Texas woman Valerie Grijalva has been cheating on her husband of 16 years with an old high school friend. She also has another boyfriend from her job at BestBuy. She had her 3rd abortion last week and told her lovers that it was both their kid. They both believed her!! Her husband left her and she is telling the world that he is an a**hole, when she is the problem. She works at Renovate America, The HERO program. She has been flirting with a supervisor in another division, so she can get promoted. She is planning on sleeping with him. He is married, but she doesn’t care, it’s how she keeps on moving!!! Spread the word on her!!! Valerie Grijalva.. Valerie Vigil.. Valerie Morales.. All names she uses!!!!!

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