Valerie Dash – Florida

This woman lived in the Bronx and down South and called herself a teacher. What values can she model for children when she herself has no good values or morals. This woman has been sleeping with married men since she was young and continues as a middle aged woman. She settles for the #2 or #3 or #4 woman. She did it as a single woman and now a middle aged woman. It has continued during her multiple marriages. Told my wife lies about me. When she was the one getting me drunk so that she can sleep with me. She was contacting me during all her marriages. She has always been a friend with benefits. She wanted more so she got someone to call my wife and told her about the friend with benefits. That was the biggest mistake she made. Valarie is nothing, buy her drinks n its free for all. She knew that it was nothing more than casual sex. She knew and she told me several times that she knew that I would never leave my wife for her. It was “drunki”sex. Got me drunk–she bought the liquor- so that I can have sex with her. Would have never slept with her if I were sober. Everyone knew her at the cheap Bars I met her. Every Bar I would go she was there and all the drunk men knew her. I went with her as a “dare” from a friend who was her friend with benefits. I would never take my wife to those bars. My wife is a woman of high class and high standards. This woman tried to break up my marriage and she was also married. Don’t know if she is still married because she is a serial cheater and a home wrecker. She gets drunk and goes home with who ever she knows is drunk. Then she thinks you want an affair with her. She is a cheap a**, that’s all. She should be ashamed to say she is married. That husband must be blind or he is doing the same thing she does.

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