Valerie Christine Proia (Maiden: Messick)

Referred to herself as hot wife many times during relationship. After many many lies, started to refer to herself as Minnie Mouse – lookup on urban dictionary. Most of her slang seems to be from there. She has numerous affairs and lies a ton. She will control your devices and make sure no one is able to contact in attempt to be in total control. She will know where you are at 24/7 in order to hide her evidence. As far as I can tell she isn’t a narcissist but suffers from a disorder much like split personality or sociopath. She carries a ton of the traits and reports off as a person who has been abused and raped throughout her life by her past ex’s. Most of my evidence I destroyed after it took me over a year to get away. She will stalk you, spam you and fuck your coworkers to get closer to you. She only feels love after she gets fucked, it was like that the entire relationship. Her worst trait is not the cheating but the amount of things she lies about. It’s anything from small to big. She constantly will bad mouth her entire family and friends, then turn around and bad mouth everyone else when she’s around them.

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