Valerie Baccinelli — Woodbridge, Virginia

So this girl loves to put on the peace love and hippie show to seem like she’s a decent person with morals but in reality this girl is desperate for male attention since her daddy left her teeming with penis problems. She likes to go after men that are not available because That’s the only way she can feel any amount of self worth. She will fuck your man just for the fun of it. Claims to be sober but this alcoholic Cunt has mental problems that far surpass any addiction. She’s a gross pig with no integrity, morals, or class. Someone needed to put this bitch on blast and let the world know just how loose and wide open her legs are, keep your husbands away if you know what’s good for you because Valerie rose loves a juicy cock in her throat, especially if it belongs to your man. She should be exterminated like the roach she is. Rich suburban white girl appropriating black culture because she’s as bland as sand. Take your rich parents money and go screw yourself with it you fake ass classless liar!

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