Troy Ramon Shamley – South Carolina

Troy Shamley from Greenville S.C is a lying bastard who sleep with a women whom he was sleeping with cousin the women found out through his girlfriend Koren Clayton Troy and Koren have sex parties with other men /women Troy Shamley is a bald face lier who constantly lies/cheats Troy Shamley will and have sleep with any and everything with a heart beat and Koren Clayton whom he lives with stated that she don’t care who Troy sleeps with just as long as he comes home to her..tell me she not a stupid B****.Troy Shamley has denied Koren Clayton to every women he has meet Troy has so much free time on his hands it’s hard to believe he has a girl friend and she suppose to be a LAYWER..A STUPID LAWYER B****…TROY SHAMLEY LIVES WHEREVER HE CAN MOSTLY IN NEW WASHINGTON HEIGHTS AREA.

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