Tristan Dunn — Texas

Okay sis… just need to throw this disgusting man out here. His name is Tristan Dunn , a Dallas “rapper” who thrives to be the next Eminem. But career hasn’t gone anywhere but south. He thinks he is going to be the next hot thing but in reality he would be saving his time and studio money if he just quit. Don’t be fool by his looks… he’s really a psychopathic individual. He’s almost 30 years old, he doesn’t do anything for a living other then play video games like an 8 year old, sell drugs & ignore all of his kids and has intercorse with many Dallas females . He really needs a reality check. I think he’s secretly gay, he does all these things to cover his true self up… he gangbangs in his music videos but on the side lines he listens to Ellie Goulding, cold play, maroon 5, black eyed peas, lady Gaga and a bunch of other very feminine based music. Look at his picture ( attached) he has his nails painted black?? He currently has a girlfriend by the name of Sierra Payton ( a ran through frisco chick *pictured in the attached photo) who he constantly cheats on and gives her dirty leftover penis while he has sex with other woman while she’s at time me and my girl were at his house and she was at work… she FaceTimed him that she was coming home and then we had sex with him once more and left… it’s sad I hope she leaves him because she’s adorable and deserves so much better! In the last few years He beats woman ( especially if they get pregnant by him because he barebacks every woman he has sex with and cvms all in them) and forces them to get abortions. He’s threatened to push them down the stairs or even punch them in their stomach. He’s a disgusting swine . He has several counts of domestic violence on his name & record. This man has 7 kids! Yes girl!! 7!!! He only claims 2 of them. The other 5 nobody knows about but literally are a spitting image of him. He has an 8 year old boy, an almost 2 year old boy, 13 month old boy, 1 year old twin girls , & 6 month old twin girls. None of his bms have taken him to court when they should but as far as I’m aware he still wouldn’t come around. Probably couldn’t afford all of the time he’s missed out paying for all of them kiddos. He is also a pedophile.. he Has sex with young girls that are 16 & 17 but are too scared to speak up because he threatens them , manipulates their minds and addicts them to drugs and alcohol. He’s ruined so many innocent girls lives. I hope if he lewers you in at one of his shows , or one of your friends bring you to his apartment you keep your distance girl. He has mental problems and has told my friend he’s talked to the devil. He will rob you. He has illegal guns under his nasty 10 year old rotting bed that have had the same semen filled sheets on them. This man is just yuck. Someone please pay for his vasectomy…he should rot in jail.

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