Tricia Hall — Branson, Missouri

This MARRIED woman will not leave my brother-in-law alone! Long story, short… My sis found out that her husband slept with this woman so she threatened to leave him and he begged her not to. So my brother in law told this woman to never contact him again. He told her that she needs to have respect for the fact that he’s happily married with kids. It’s been 8 months and she will not stop going by their house (he blocked her on his cell phone and on social media) she also buys prepaid phones to contact him on, she sent him a naked picture of herself three days ago!!! This woman’s husband (Dustin hall) is trying to get her to stop as well. She also claimed to be pregnant by my bro in law not to long ago, when my bro in law told this lady’s husband what she was saying, Dustin said “She can’t be pregnant, she had a hysterectomy back in 2014… I personally think that she has a mental illness or something.

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