Tresa James Green — Kannapolis, North Carolina

Tresa James Green a maid from Kannapolis NC took full advantage of a married man, and was well aware of the consequences of her actions. She pretended to be a shoulder to lean on for a married man and was a complete opportunist. She gained access to a credit card and took FULL advantage of it. Tresa spent over $12,000 in one month! A money transfer of $6k and spent the rest on things like tanning, nails, hair salon, and trips to Nordstrom. Pretending to love a man for her own financial gain was disgusting and deceitful. This man was on the other side of the country and she used “sweet” text messages to enter his life and pretend to be something she is not. She is a vial human being who masquerades as some sort of born again Christian on social media, when there is absolutely ZERO Christian values or ideals within this woman.

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