Tracey Bazzano Loretta — Melbourne, Sydney

Those who know Tracey say shes a Whore who destroys lives. Traceys a flirt who comes on way too strong most the time. But if she can get them she goes on all. Sleep’s around doesn’t even care if they are single or not. She’s ruined relationships. Right now shes seeing a couple men through her work. Shes having affairs with at least 2 who’re married. Their fault for saying yes to her but shes Fully Aware what shes doing and that their wives will be hurt when they find out. Tracey can’t be trusted. She lies for personal reasons. Most time off isn’t personal or sick it’s to hookup. She embezzled from clients a lot and blames other people. So far 1 has been fired for her actions. Shes mean heartless and a bully. She harasses women and steals their men.

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