Torva Hare Henderson — Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Torva Hare Henderson has at least a dozen aliases. Works in charter schools. She is chasing married men coworkers and fathers of the students. She even KNOWINGLY is actively cheating with a married man whose wife is terminally ill. She tried to get the man to go out at midnight while his wife was in critical care. Torva Hare Henderson even called immigration on her employer and coworker because she and one of her affairs cant take breaks together. Ladies if you couldn’t fight back during any time you were hurt let this pathetic whore know the sick woman whose family is being destroyed has a team of you all to take a stand in her time of weakness. She is a principal using her position to get favor among men with kids who go to her school on 1st & Burleigh. She’s a loser. She posts messages to womens husband even on Pinterest shes so desperate. She has been caught with the sick womans husband while his kids were around trying to spend time with their dad while their mom was violently ill. Torva Henderson. Torva Hare Henderson and many aliases all Milwaukee is a filthy nasty disgusting looser. How can she sleep at night knowing shes causing other women and children so much pain. She’s even a bridesmaid next year in a wedding she tried to sleep with the guy and another party member.

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