Tonya Barton — Marysville, Ohio

This delusional woman sent me emails exposing that she had been seeing my husband. Mind you my husband and I have kids and have been together for 13 years! claims she knew nothing about me or our kids the entire time! Nothing but lies when over half of the girls in the bar knew about me and the kids. Your a psycho B*TCH who has no idea what a real relationship is its too bad you don’t know the difference between sex and making love. You and my husband deserve each other! The best gift I can give you is each other!!! Despite destroying and breaking up a family home with children. You also managed to make a man homeless because I exchanged alimony for my the house until my kids are graduated from college! So looks like you guys will be shacking up in the trailer park with is it your aunt because the poor pitiful home wrecker also can’t pay her bills and was evicted from your own trailer! ha ha bitch I hope karma gets your Ass! Hopefully he will do the same to you as he did me.

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