Tony Lund — Stockholm, Sweden

Spreading the words about the disgusting trashy loser who is an idiot, user, morally bankrupt and whore jacker: Tony Lund and a Swedish wh**e hooked up on July 6th was a part of very sinister play by Tony Lund. Now they are both exposed to as many random people and place as possible!! Tony Lund is a life long toxic white trash liar with criminal reports who is morally bankrupt not worth much and a user who feels no shame about his disgusting behaviors.

He is also a cheap Swedish wh**es jacker, an idiot knowing nothing except how to abuse, use women while blame them for all his faults. Tony Lund was once used and played by a mentally sick, raped and abused w**** when he tried to abuse innocent people thinking he is getting the w****. He got nothing except being played like an idiot. The loser can only get prostitute quality tools for use.

The hefty price Tony Lund paid for this cheap Stockholm w**** – permanent humiliation and Shame. He did this when another woman has been there for him for quite some time, help him become a better person which he totally takes advantage of yet never gave anything in return or appreciate not because she is not good enough but simply because he is a loser. A long time serial dater always cheaply juggling multiple women, abuse, use and blame them for his faults, Tony Lund shamelessly fooled the woman into believing he is in when she gave him an ultimatum, only to fool her in order to buy himself time so he can land this swedish prostitute as a tool on July 6th 2018, two days after he called her and acted like everything is ok.

These two cheap low level craps wasted no time and quickly hooked up. Once Tony Lund sinisterly lined up the new object, he finally showed his card. Well for this July 6th prostitute, unfortunately you are cheaper than a toilet brush to even be able to bare your stinky cheap ass so quickly.

This July 6th toilet brush Prostitute’s stinky bare ass will be exposed for the whole city to see and know about. You will get really really f***** up for doing the eternal wrong thing this one day with the rest of your cheap and short life. After harming and betraying them for years, he’d still shamelessly use them for his gains while continue abusing them by blaming them for all his faults. While they help him become a better person, the snake viscously bite again when he was given an ultimatum because these innocent people don’t want to be used any more. He peels the skin, suck the blood up, eat the meat and in the end will even grind the bone of his victims!!!
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