Tom Cash – Pennsylvania

Tom Cash has a reputation in Pennsylvania for being a Satanist though he claims to be agnostic. Tom is very sexist and hates women. Tom has been posting lies about me all over the internet since 2011. He also has been stalking me on Facebook and getting his sexually perverted transgender-female and male friends to try to contact me. I block them every time.
In 2016, my producer responded angrily when he found out what Tom has been doing and sent Tom several messages telling him to back off or else. I found this out in 2017. Now Tom is trying to ruin my career as a writer by telling everyone that I am trying to kill him.
Please publish this information about Tom Cash. He lives in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania and has a transgender, male, and female film crew. They are all involved in the occult. Every time they make a new You Tube video for their “film group” they post lies about me on the internet. I have even been contacted by in regards to suspicious activity happening with my Kindle books. I know Tom Cash and his friends are behind repeatedly buying my books and returning them to try to get me put off I have responded to Amazon and I managed to clear up any problems that Tom and his thieves were trying to cause for me.

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