Toby Anthony Boeta – Minnesota

lies and nothing but lies. Has no sense of right or wrong. No money cannot keep a job and it is always someone elses fault never his. still married to his wife from La. hides his cell phone and internet cougar hunting millionair cougar hunting. Pretends to be a calf roper does not know a thing about horses or calf roping it is obvious by his lack of ability. has no credit has to use people to get things. bankrupt financially and morally.. total creep.. Brags on himself that he is the man lol a boy with a pencil d*** and does not know how to use it..he currently lives with a women that thinks he is he has had so many on the side one can not count refers to her as mud face..nice guy then screws more than one way she will be left empty pocket and no soul he is the creep of all creeps..

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