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    Fat Tina

    Well if u r so worried about men wanting your daughter y would u take bikini pictures of her to post on social media. Haha because u arent worried about what happens to her. Fatty Im not fat u r fat. I bet u r every bit of 280 if not more LOL. Your lega cant even hold your fat ass up thats y u had to have surgery find a new doctor that will tell u to lose weight instead of having surgeries

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    Chrusty Lea Jones


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    Copy cat Tina

    Oh haha super mom Tina y would u try to move jobs to Williams department if he was so sick wow what a mom u are wanting to be closer to the man that u say did that to ur daughter

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    Whore of a daughter

    Your daughter Kiara looked like a whore the way she dressed when she went to the fair. U should be proud that u train ur daughter to be a whore

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    U got that clapper

    U want to come watch how to please a man real quick?? Im about to ride his face while my bitch fucks him ill show u how its done real quick

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    Stinky pussy

    Wait i thought he tried to fuck ur underage daughter?? Good mom u r. I dont give a fuck where u work at u the one that lied and said the shit. Poor kiara has a loser mom i heard her pussy stinks

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    Mrs Booher

    Your retarded son Jordan sucks dick so whats your point?? Kiara sucks dick too I mean there isnt anything wrong with a little dick sucking. Learn to live a little everyone likes a good fuck every now and then granny. Your grandson likes his dick sucked to by his grandma Tina. Didnt u give him a rash down there? Does Mysia’s parents like u..isnt she from McCordsville or her family. I bet they cant stand u being around there grandson

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    It isnt you I pick fine ass girls to eat my pussy. See u have to pick wisely u cant pick butch girls like yourself and u ha e to make sure they are a freak.

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    Chrusty Lea Jones


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    Fine ass me

    Umm try Indiana Business College hoe ask if u want to know. Then after that IUPUI. Dig a little deeper tramp. I know all ur shit and ur daughters and ur sons and sister and ur daughters dead dad. Keep up with the jones’s hoe

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    Choices in life

    Keep on posting if u want. U will lose in the end. U have kids that value there reputation. I dont give a fuck about anyone that knows anything. Here is choice in life u have never made and if u cared so much about your kids u would make the adult motherly choice. U arent hurting anyone but yourself. Is your man TRAVELING??? Spend some time with him damn

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    Scorned Tina

    We can pull up the dates to show who posted first why u sitting here trying to lie as usual. U are bitter that William womt talk to u anymore thats y u posted all this crap

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    Dumbass Tina

    Quit trying to send messages to send messages to get your family’s pictures removed bitch. You should have thought about them before you posted other people’s family. Saying that one has a modeling career and one going into military haha think about your kids first next time u start something. Sorry hoe u have to pay alot of money to get your adult kids removed dumbass.

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    Racist bitch Tina Moore

    Can u read bitch u said nigga baby and your daughter is mixed and u wouldnt have to bust your ass to raise her if u would spend more time with than u do stalking us and damaging property and losing custody and going to jail. LMAO. I thought u made over 100,000 how r u busting your ass hoe maybe u should have been a better wife and u wouldnt be married and divorced several times..your fault u r single u r a pycho path that settles for a side bitch position way to be a role model to ur child u racist bitch. Now i see y ur kids hate u you probably call her the same thing dumb hoe

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    Bitch dont ever let the word god come out of your mouth again…u r right things do happen to evil people thats y your son is tbe way he is and thats y u had a stroke dumb bitch. I dont give a fuck what u say BITCH i hope u do save everything because that proves its you that sent all 4,000 texts and called thru all those sites and sent all those mailings to my house haha u still going to deny that in court that it wasnt u so go ahead save them all and bring them because u denied it was u haha. So let me get this straight its ok for YOU to post my family and talk all kinds of shit that u started on here by bringing up my mother and brother oh and sister and everyone else dad all my family and his prior to anyone bringing up yours BITCH FUCK YOU u posted kn these sorry ass sites in April and one a year before that because u r miserable now soak up all that KARMA god is sending down to u by doing that shit. YOU TINA MOORe posted kids and family members first so since u think u are a fucking holy roller now go ask god why all that bad shit has happened to u. I forgot something else YOU damage property too and sit outside of peoples houses. U dont know my family and u dont know me so im going to tell u what u should have done was handle this with him ONLY dumb bitch but hoes like u try to damage the girls shit instead of taking it up with the man. Someone really needs to give u a reality check if u actually think u r a good person after everything u have done by posting kids on these sites and u call yourself a mother when it would take one phone call or picture to ruin your daughter NO you are not a good persin or mother and im sure there is way more shit oh u steal i mean WTF do u even goto church sit and talk to someone and tell them what all u have done FIRST trll them the whole story as to why you and your family is on here and y shit happens to u. Now bitch u wont come across one fucking person that KNOWS me that will have anythjng bad to say about me because I do alot of shit for people and people I dont even know. Its only scarred bitches like u that have shit to say and that means nothing to me because i know i will come out ahead

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    U cant stand when someone talks about your family but u can talk and say what u want…not how it works bitch. Lets rewind AGAIN how about u stop obsessing over us STOP posting on here STOP mailing shit to the house and STOP driving by then everything will stop oh STOP calling oh wait u dont have our phone numbers anymore. If he did all these horrible things then y disnt u leave dumbass and y r u still posting etc most people that cant stand someone they stay away from them and don’t contact them i mean thats normal humans but not TINA MOORE she makes up lies which by he way y didnt u make a police report for the accusation u r making up abt yojr daughter how r u going to convince your daughter ro keep that lie up your other daughter didnt do to good in court but we can see hoe this one does

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    Did you show what u wrote FIRST to all those people NO u didnt because thats what u do you hide behind a keyboard then u play victim as usual. We dont care what people think it doesnt hurt his feelings that people talk about him its called jealousy just like when u talk about us it’s jealousy good bitch make sure u take some of that retirement money lur for a lawyer this time maybe u should call one and ask them how serious it is to accuse someone of molesting when its all lies call one and ask LMAO it’s pretty serious but its clear u dont do your research prior to damaging property on video camera. I mean if u r going to do some stupid shit research it first did u google up how to make my daughter lie in court before u had to pay me last time in court…stay off google and call a lawyer but with lawyers u have to tell that YOU started all the posting,mailings etc because they will find out thru ours and your just going to embarrass him like u do with your kids with your lies. U have to tell the whole story TINA MOORE not just what u want people to heat tell who started all the postings witb kids and all the bad talking about family members STOP PLAYING VICTIM u r a horrible person and get YOUR life together bitch you have spent your whole life chasing men that dont want u ans going to jail losing your kids etc i mean WTF kind of life is that and what church do u attend that they teach u this is the godly way to live please switch churches EVIL BITCH

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    Oh Tina take a look from your first postings dumbass u posting my mother and my niece so get your facts straight ugly..that stroke must have fucked up your memory so YOU TINA MOORE started with the family oh one more thing u forgot YOU started talking about my sister and mother so please stop with your pathetic ass. GET YOUR STORY straight and of course u played the voicemails but didnt show all the times you texted and posted FIRST stupid bitch. We can show everything in order in court and bring your daughter so she can get caught in her lies we can show her the video of what her loser mom does LMAO LMAO LMAO

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    Crooked face TINA

    TINA MOORE didnt you say goodbye like yesterday LMAO haha then u posted another picture online say goodbye and mean it bitch that means with mailing stuff to our house and posting pictures.

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    Duh bitch Dec 12th u posted in April dumbass and yes the judge said that and told us to get a lawyer and after u got escorted out told us what to do. Do u know why u got escorted out because u were full of shit duh. April is when u started to post with my niece and my mom and sister stupid fuck. Dumb hoe I have never signed u up for shit with your phone number u signed william up for walgreens under tateana dumbass and something thru walmart. Damn u love to play victim but we have all the IP addresses that it came from thru globofone we just have to get a lawyer to get where IP address came from. Read that on the globofone site dumby. Once again u do shit and u dont do your research haha so again look into something prior to doing it. Oh and look at all the dates on where u posted kids and my family u did it way before us and talked about them. Damn that stroke not only fucked ur face up fucked ur mind up

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    Yes we will see cant wait. Dont forget to being your daughter so she can watch how her mom works on keying a car LMAO

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    Hey dumbass the first picture u posted was of my brother and nephew and me stupid bitch. Then when I posted a pic of your daughter u quit with that shit until u started calling and sending messages theu your little websites look again hoe proof is there. I dont deny shit u r the one denying it and sorry hoe u cant have it moved stupid ass. Its bad when the judge knows u lie and puts u out. Sorry u should have done your rssearch prior to sending messages and calling and texting thru different sites LMAO. Now go look back at the picture u posted and my niece on tall the other sites dumbass

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    I guess its just a coincidence that something for tateana came thru from all those places. Its fine we will figure it out who it was lawyers trace everything but u probably didnt know that

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    YES lets see TINA MOORE smartass we will damaged my car several times and sorry wasnt a coworker of mine she was babysitting across the street stupid fuck and now we r friends idiot get ur facts straight. ONCE again u got caught damaging property. You know your not very good at this u should have learned that with Dennis. Hey make sure u bring the stuff from April that u posted first dont forget that stuff. Man u r clueless and just not smart when it comes to doing this stuff. U would think u would have learned your lesson but ya didnt

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    We will find out who is lying once we get lawyer and he tracks the IP adress for all the sign ups with Tateana I cant wait to see your face…we know your favorite saying is “I didnt do anything” u know when u were stalking me at my apartment and all those police officers trapped u in and u jumped oit of the car saying I didnt do anything haha the same thing u said at this past court date when he put u out. How about YOU DID DO SOMETHING

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    Oh let me refresh your memory on April 23rd u posted me and my family and on August 30th. Hmmmm that would mean u posted first damn do u need me to put that in all CAPS for u TINA MOORE

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    For starters hoe he works at your job of course im going to come see my man sumbass NOT YOU and 2nd hoe u donall the robo claling like a child ass bitch i dont play on peoples phones if i gor something to say I goto that person and never once did i come to unwrong hoe the ONE time I talked to u civil stupid bitch u r the one that knew he was living with someone twice and damaged my property and sent his wife decorated mail u werent even in a relationship with him and acting crazy to me so FUCK u hoe. No normal person would think to play games like call someone and put a different number in or go thru an automated call only mental people do that. Im a little confused u knew that he lived with someone u say u came over while i was at work and he told u if u told me he would be done with u so where did he lie to u also u knew he was married so where was that lie. Oh and then u r saying he sis this to u HOW i thought u left him alone hmmm oh and i thought he molested ur daughter most people would not want anything to do with a person that did that so how did he do this to u. Your confusing urself TINA. U r just mad and lonely because u arent the side hoe anymore LMAO. U fucked with my shit by damaging my cars so bitch come again. U cant even keep ur lies straight i mean r u that old. Its a cycle with u you did the same thing to Dennis except he put ur ass in jail and u lost your daughter what a smart man he was. It never would cross my mind to do the shit u did thru all these sites I clearly go directly to the person dumbass GROW the fuck up

  38. Post

    Let me tell your dumbass y it started back up because u texted my phone NOV 3rd shall I post that and u were playing on his phone thru your little sites in july and august u dont stop so blame yourself butchy and u keep posting shit so yes ill post when u do i told u before to stop and u had to keep going because u dont have a life u knew my number grow some balls and texg straight thru bitch. Damn shame u were content with bejng a side bitch but in your sick mind u really thought u were in a relationship with a man that was married and then lived with someone WTF u r so clueless and pathetic nobody’s fault but ur own butchy maybe next time u wont fuck someone that is married or lives with someone u r the one that got ur feelings involved and it sounds like he discussed our sex life with u what type of woman sits around and excepts that. How pathetic can u get. U r sonworried about what I do its ridiculous do u want me to leave him thinking he will come back to u NOT gonna happen we r good over here concentrate on getting a man for yourself but u r too crazy for that haha what a loser

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    I started aug 28th we have a text on August 27th u saying someone was at ur house looking for him another tactic for u to try to get him to call u so keep on with the dates butchy noone starts anything but u so give me another date so i can tell u y aug 27th u texted thru globofone that u were having procedure and needed to tell him how sorry u were JULY 4th u said u were at ur cousins and nice pool which we know thanks and sorry wasnt my buick dumb bitch and that the buick was the car your neighbors saw driving by ur house stupid bitch that was someone elses car in driveway so give me another date bitch oh hang on end of july u called his phine several times putting in fake numbers thru your crazy websites u got thru

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    Hey TINA MOORE do u wear my necklace around that u stole LOL what a pathetic loserI bet your bedroom is full of pictures of me and my stuff u stole. U probably printed lit pictures of him and put a picture of you next to him lol u belong on ID discovery channel crazy hoe or lifetime crazy woman probably sit there and look at a picture screaming mad at urself for him not wanting shit to do with u. Guess what we sit and laugh about how pathetic u r. Ubactually had a whole fake facebook posting boo hoo sayings on it like it was actually your page and u still have a fake page stalking 60 year old pathetic ass crazy bitch

  41. Post

    So if he is the one responsible for all of this y did u damage my car all those times y didnt u damage his and y did u call my phone nonstop hmmm there u go lying again trying to act like all this keyboard posting isnt your fault. Rule #1 when a man is done with u that means u move on not damage property and stalk and post on sites and play on phones. U have low self esteem honey and u have to make up lies about someone to try to get them to call. I feel sorry for all your kids fathers fuck i can imagine what u put them thru shit that was a hige mistake to get u pregnant damn so check yourself hoe about blaaming the man and not the woman i never would of had a problem with your bitcb ass if u wouldnt have damaged my cars. Take your own advice

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    TINA MOORE do u look in the mirror you want to talk about tanning too much u look 70 well u almost are but your face is deformed your fat and i didnt buy it from brandi that was williams he bought it stupid fuck and i dont tan stupid bitch because indont want my skin to look like yours all old and wrinkled up. I can actually get anyone i want UGLY. Put us in aline up bitch i bet my life no man would pick u. Hold the fuck up bitch did u just mention my sister and my mother oh TINA MOORE I thought u didnt do that u have posted and dogged my family out from the start so FUCK u and your old ass mama and your Down syndrome looking sisters. I dont give a fuck if u can understand me BITCH u r so jealous its pathetic. Hey just bring all your paperwork u have and put in date order so we can see who is at fault for these kiddie websites u go thru LMAO. I bet u actually told your poor daughter that be was your man what a loser and u stuck around that long knowing he wasnt leaving me hahahaha hey if u habe anything else to say text me oh wait u cant anymore LMAO hey i thought u were done with us what happened TINA thought u logged off

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    You will never be me sorry

    One more tbing before I cut ur ass off sorry hoe sloppy second isnt for the person that is in the real relationship with someone its for the side hoe like yourself u have always been second but in your sick mind u believe u were first CRAZY BITCH

  44. Post

    Your a dop fien thief u stole his ring to. R u that hard up for money hoe do u need to borrow some money thief LMAO

  45. Post

    Go say all that shit to his face UGLY!!! U talk alot and dont do shit with your scary ass. U have alot of mouth on u and all u do is talk LMAO..i said what I said hoe I said 3 kids u act like it bothers you. U r the only person bothered by what goes on in our relationship. Come talk that shit to our face dope fien TINA MOORE and ask him about his sons. Girl your kids dont like u. Your son put u out of his place when u were there visiting because of that mouth of yours. Mysia cant stand your fat ugly ass either. Only one that can is ciara and thats because she is a pyscho crazy bitch just like her mother LMAO . I thought u were done LOSER. U never answered the question about u lying AGAIN how r u going to say he made u this way but u left him bitch please u r too ugly to leave anyone y r u acting pyscho if u left him hmmmmm lying ass bitch get ur lies straight hoe. Be gone bitch I normally don’t communicate with UGLY bitches so unless u want to meet up somewhere keep my name out of your mouth hoe. Stay behind your keyboard running that mouth of yours. Haha scary ass bitch and what u meant to say was YOU stalk his daughter bitch just like u do us and our whole family UGLY

  46. Post

    TINA BITCH MOORE r u stupid do u really think u r worth losing his job over u arent shit to anyone u talk so much shit like he really would come over and confront u at your job. Thats like teying to fight in front of the police dumb bitch how about u talk all that shit outside of work NOT behind a fucking keyboard u scary ass ugly rat mouth bitch. Do u even have lips??LMAO or is your face to droopy and it hides them with your stroke no knees having old hag ass. U have alot of mouth and dont do shit but keep running it. Do u teach your loser kids to talk shit then run too? I bet u do because your daughter is the same way u r. Your mother raised a fucking lunatic is what she raised and u passed it down to your kids. Its funny how her husband died yours is dead i mean WTF we know it wasnt for the insurance money because u r trash ans so r your clothes and shoes and purse etc. U NEED serious help bitch. One of these days you r going to talk shit or damage and stalk the wrong person and u r going to end up in a dumpster thats how u r going to stop your mouth just keeps going. Sad thingnis if u backed up what u talk it wouldnt be so bad but u run that fat ass mouth of your ms and run and hide like a coward ass ugly bitch. Fuck u hoe when u r ready to meet let me know until then fuck u and i hope we see each other one day I pray i run into your ass when u r stalking us i would take that over a million dollars to run into u. See how much u run that fat ass mouth of yours then hoe ass ugly bitch. Your mother raised a fucking piece of shit that loses custody of her kids. Bye bitch keep running your mouth hoe NOBODY fucking cares with your disease having ass. Do u eat your scabs when u get hungry I know your fat ass is hungry all the time u nasty fat funny built crooked face metal knees BITCH

  47. Post

    WAIT A FUCKING minute did TINA MOORE just post more pictures on another site of my family that she is playing the victim on here about. Bitch u say god this u r going to to HELL something is going to happen to your ugly ass or one of your kids one day from all the bad shit u do. U r only hurting your daughter but we all know u dont give a fuck about her and I sure dont give a fuck about her ass. I cant even believe u have custody of her but that may change soon. Keep going bitch u will lose 100% u will lose your daughter and any little bit of a relationship that u have with her left. Her friends and friends parents will hate u well im sure they already do so keep going with posting my family pictures and kids on these raggedy ass sites im begging u too. LMODELZ here comes mother of the year ruining her daughter and her reputation for her last year of school. U r a stupid bitch. Now i see how your son became disabled and how Ciara almost died thats Karma hoe too bad it didnt get u instead of innocent kids but they can thank there trash mother for that

  48. Post

    Get a life hoe we will handle this in court bring ur daughter so she can see what a loser her mother is by watching the video and how her mother is going to ruin her career and reputation. She will understand how and why when she watches u on video. Hell bring your whole family so they can see too. Bring all your obama phones to that u get to make fake pages with dumb hoe. See u soon!!! Bring that cps report to with u when u lost custody of kiara and went to jail bring those records too

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  50. Post

    Count again bitch I dont gove a fuck hire the lawyer hoe u posted kids first actually u posted on these sites first in April so fuck u hoe u r going to lose bitch get over us how does it feel that u cant play on our phones anymore haha oh and all of your fake pages with my family names and u keep posting pictures u dumb fucking bitch. U r pyscho path thats need help. U r a fucking STALKER that is mental. Stalking brandis page and our family u fucking loser. Count those dates bitch and count the video u gonna deny that thats u in the video keying my car LMAO get over us dont u have a man where is he because u spend a whole lot of time worrying about me and my man. Worry about your kids ugly. Bitch we have 3 huge folder full of shit from u because u r a walking time bomb

  51. Post

    Had u have been paying attention dumb hoe its not per picture its per site stupid fuck. Bitch u started this we r going to finish it. GET A FUCKING LIFE. Lets play big bank take little bank and see how expensive of an attorney u can pay for because WE can afford whatever atty we want. Go get u a public defender u have had one of those before when ur ass got locked up. Aint no fun when the rabbit got the gun huh. Ugly bitches like u think u can post and do and say whatever u want but when it comes to someone doing your family like that u want to play victim fuck u bitch go take another 401k loan out Im definitely not scared of you fat ass get a lawyer bitch

  52. Post

    Hey dumb bitch the pocs u posted of his kids they were in highschool on more than half of them. Girl u got to be the dumbest fucking person on this earth and recount hoe and count those dates too while u r at it. Count all those text messages too that u sent while u r counting hoe. Texts are about 3000 texts because u r pathetic. U posted addresses and job places FIRST stupid ass u also are posting that someone has HIV and herpes and hepatitis and posted that molested ur child. Now look into that Im done with your fat ass for good

  53. Post

    Next time think of your fsmily first u should of done that anyway since u Say u r such a good mother. I dont give a fuck who how many etc i told u before to stop because of your daughter and of course u disregarded that because u dont care about your kids. U r crazy and need serious mental help. U should be admitted into a pych hospital for your mental status when it comes to men. He dont want u move on and get over us. Bitch u have been lurking snapping pics from all my family and brandis u loser bitch. Put your family first your next man when he dumps your ugly ass. Bitch be gone and hoe i dont ever deny what i do and what i dont do thats u because once again u hide behind fake calls and childish sites. I feel sorry for your daughter u r a pathetic sick human being.

  54. Post

    Guess what thats why they tell parents to keep track of there kids and what they post because if she is underage she should NEVER post bikini pics or half nude pics on the internet being that shes “underage” and as a mother u should know this. In your sick mind u think its ok for her to do just like u felt it was ok to post kids in April and family members u dont even know on sites. Once again u dont come directly to a person u have a problem with u go all around that person and do stupid shit. AGAIN u should always put your kids first but u have went years with making your kids lie and doing stupid shit like posting on kiddie bitter woman sites and stealing and damaging property and having your car towed for stalking me oh i thought u said u would tell Him to his face when u see him all the shit u r talking y didnt u just do that COWARD ass bitch

  55. Post

    Oh no TINA im sooooo scared please don’t threaten me u just said next time u will hit him with ur car but then turn around saying u havent seen him which is it???? Go ahead do what u got to do BITCH ive always told u IM going to come out ahead u dont scare me but take some motherly advice…think about your daughters reputation and career this time before u decide to go spread lies like u have been about hiv and molesting so go right ahead matter of fact ill come with u to do it when did u want to go???????? All mouth when it comes to u talked all that shit and drove right by LMAO

  56. Post
    Monster teeth

    U r the one that said u would say shit to his face he didnt say he would say anything to u cause he never wants to talk to u so y would he say anything to u you TINA said that and maybe u should take advice cause your mother ways arent working OH and he hasnt posted any pics of anyone on here and u have slandered his name. Dumbass hoe lets get back to u being arrested and strict rules under no contact order that u cant stalk or harass LMAO big time u lying ass bitch jail bird no daughter having joke of a mother

  57. Post

    Okay im going to say this one more fucking time to your slow fucking dumbass. This is ALL your fault u posted all of our pics on these stupid ass loser websites that bitter woman tare mad that men dont want to talk to them sites first in April which consists of me my family KIDS him his kids which ithey r minors when u posted them stupid bitch his son was in highschool in when u posted and in the pic i mean r u slow or are u SLOW i will tell everyone what i did and y and what i wish i could do you are a fucking nut job and everyone sees it everywhere thats y your ass got put out the court room. I dont give a flying fuck if it was 1 or 20 BITCH the posting is all your fault nothing would have ever got posted on any sites if it wasnt for u starting it and posting it. U see us mature grow folks didnt even know anything about these sites u do because u have been stalking and harassing men since 2003 which probably before that. Reports dont lie but u do because u said u never went to jail and u were definitely in there for a few. Probation for a year and had to goto classes which u sure disnt learn a damn thing obviously because u still STALK and HARASS so bitch go be with your make believe man and LEAVE us alone this is your final warning…u ignored the last one about posting pics of your daughter so take this warning OLD LADY

  58. Post

    And bitch u dont understand the law clearly how many times have u broken the law and been caught LMAO and ill be sure to post pictures and make them public for our wedding LMAO or I can have one of my family members go live on facebook so u can watch since u stay stalking on there pages LOL wait u lied and said u didnt goto jail so which is it

  59. Post

    So why did u lie to your job and tell them it wasnt u with all 3,000 texts u sent thru the childish websites coward u talk so tough its funny like u never started anything U started everything because u r nuts

  60. Post

    There u go lying again so u brought him food 3-4 days out of the week???? How did u do that when u changed your schedule to what he works because your pathetic. Girl u lie so damn much it rediculous LMAO. Also dumb hoe he definitely isnt going to be seen wirh your ugly ass in public thats an embarrassment. U were a FUCK thats about it. Your fault if u soent your money on him maybe next time u can spend your money on your own man and not settle for being a side tramp LMAO who in there right mind would settle for a side piece for years girl you r dumber than I thought. But if i looked like u I would prob do the same thing haha

  61. Post
    Liar liar pants on fire

    U mean when u called the pizza place and ordered a pizza under his phone number LMaO that was funny and we did thay in highschool and u r right i did move out there to be by him never denied that dumbass u sitting bere denying it. U never answered y u lied to ur job about texting thru the sites u avoid every lie when it comes to u and i guess ill ha e to explain this again to ur old ass. U keep posting new shit on these sites so ive already told yojr pathetic ass if u keep posting new things more pics will go up and once again TINA MOORE u started everything and u wont stop so I njoy the rest of your few old years of life stalking us. But wait u said earlier in the messages u didnt goto jail so did u or didnt u

  62. Post

    I cant wait to read the police report on your past stalking harassment dometic violence case becUse dennis didnt want u haha hey do u have a drivers license yet LMAO or is it suspended AGAIN

  63. Post

    Oh u went to Tennessee with him just like u said u were in Florida u r so stupid u mist have been stalking US in florida cause u sure the fuck didnt go with him. U can only dream to be me thats it so gonfuck urself i am done with u you r a sick pathetic mother that doesnt give a shit about her kids

  64. Post
    Side hoe

    U probably followed him to Tennessee because u have a problem with stalking u know if u werent a nut case someone might believe your lies but i dont so go lie to your new boyfriends wife LMAO

  65. Post
    Dope fien

    Sorry u mean break room dumb hoe where everyone goes to eat like the time u stole his hat from the breakroom. Have u always been a dope fien thief

  66. Post
  67. Post
    Probation for 365 days

    Well when u act like that dumbass I would put your ass out to DUH see u cant make a man be with you fugly thats your problem u try to do that and when they dont want u you act all crazy pyscho haha NO MAN wants u fatty. U trapped him and got pregnant and man oh man was it over for him I bet u put him thru hell and back he should of had ur ass locked up that is so funny oh i cant wait to read this report u already lied and said u didnt goto jail cant wait tonsee how much child support u had to pay him LMAO whooo weeee ur a loser i hope u havent taught kiara to be the same way ciara is already just like u dont turn another one into u

  68. Post
    Black stuff in my teeth TINA

    You seem so concerned about Kayla u stalk her so y dont u ask her??? U scared ask her just like u stalk everyone hoe

  69. Post
    Fake pages

    Fatty learn how to be a side piece I mean shit number 1 rule of a side hoe is u shouldnt be paying for anything but side hoes like u have to so he wont leave u haha what a dumb bitch ans wasted years thinking a man was going to leave me for u SORRY never going to happen and I sure the fuck did call her that because she always ran her damn mouth too until we talked like grown adults do and not hide behind a keyboard. Plus bitch i raise her kids so its called coparenting something u wouldnt know about because then men u r with r embarrassed to take u around there kids LMAO i would be too loking like u do..hey u still never said y u lied to ur job about sending 3,000 texts thru those sites I have nothing to lie about fatty and hoe i never called brandi that was u showing up stealing AGAIN there mail out of the mailbox driving by honking I mean WTF u r crazy hoe. Thats y nobody believes anything u say because u get caught in so many lies. Did u get a bigger purse yet or new shoes u r so desperate take ur fake facebook page out of my families name its a disgrace to my family

  70. Post
    Poor tina

    Well well well fatty if I remember correctly u also said u werent talkin to him remember u said u hadnt talked to him in months may to be exact last year when he called hmmmm girl u r so stupid and honey I wish i could come inside your job and stand next to u ask ask all the woman and men who they would choose haha put my life on it it damn aure wouldnt be your ugly fat ass. No man will ever be seen with u UNLESS u r doing everything for him but u will always be a side hoe and u should have knkwn never to spend your money on a man that lives with someone or who is married your even dumber than i thought. But seen ugly bitches like yourself have to have something going for thwm and yours way pay for everything so who got played fugly you did. Ummmm YES u do have several fake pages u had 2 that i know for a fact within 2 weeks so i know u have several more how about make your own fatty

  71. Post

    Hey make u sure you bring your positive HIV tes and positive Hepatitis and positive Herpes test to court. William hasnt posted any pics on here and u have slandered his name completely so you guys can deal with that but bring all 3 of your positive tests. Oh look up Gilbert Arenas name on google u r good at that and Laura Glovan and see how she did him and what happened to her . U remind me of her but senis way cuter than you. Oh and bring the molestation proof too

  72. Post
    Crooked face

    Umm Im 40 dumby and Im definitely not single. You probably really believe in your sick fat head that u r in a relationship with him. Haha u actually believed u were when he was married and then with me. U cant be in a relationship with someone that is with someone else or is married or lives with someone. Do u really believe that in your sick brain

  73. Post
    Jokes on you

    Well shit I guess I should have known thag u know exactly when my birthday is I mean u wouldnt u you totally want to be me haha that is hilarious that u keep up with me like that and hey dumb bitch ai am friends with karen and Kim remember ive known and been around him way before I started a relationship with him genious. Haha wow all this info let me guess u were in a relationship witn him but he told u he was fucking all these people while he was fucking u boy u r a fool and not sure who told u info about corvette but i paid for some of the bentley wheels and the jeep dumb fuck. I definitely dont soend all my money and go broke for a man i dont have to pay to keep someone.

  74. Post
    DID U RIDE THE short BUS

    U ruined your own kids teaching them its ok to steal and dtalk harass and damage property. Im so sick of hearing u say u know someone or something is taken care of DO IT i want to see u try to get away with lying abt molestation u going right back to the jail cell haha. Im begging u to do that so i can watch u cry when u get caught lying. If u were listening what was said was greencastle atty doesnt take it indy does and they will drive out here we just have to pay 8,000 and that will be the best 8,000 ive ever spent. Oh wait we may have talked about that when u were already escorted out haha. Now anything else u want to say cause im bored and u tell nothing but lies so donwhat u need to but by u saying he gave u those 3 things and molesting someone is definitely slander and false accusations now let me tell u what a real attorney said about the internet posts since yours doesnt have good information its a public site and if pictures are posted online like social media they r free game and if u dont want them blasted everywhere dont post them pretty much but we do have a casenon the HIV herpes and hepatitis and u saying he molested ur daughter so try talking to a higher paid attorney dumb hoe

  75. Post
    Dumb hoe

    Are u sure u was fucking him because it seems to me that he sure talked alot about me to u again what type of woman r u to accept the man u r fucking constantly talking about his woman LOL

  76. Post

    No BITCH u said u had blood work done and had herpes and hepatitis u stupid fuck. Maybe u should re read u said had blood work u will find out sooner or later or whatever tactic u have. Remember u said thats what the scabs were that u sick and pick and eat them. Let me refresh your memory and u also said some stupid shit like that on a couple of the 3,000 texts u sent thru the different websites do u have a copy of those probably not since u sent them all thru different websites like a coward well we have them so u can read them

  77. Post

    No actually u did your exact words were your man gave it to me after u said u had blood work done so what was your purpose of saying u had blood work done and u dumb bitch we called a lawyer and emailed everything and its 8,000 for attorney and we r going this month to pay and get it started smart fucking ass. Not too sure where u got 3,000 for an attorney but u should call another one and its gonna cost u more since they will have to drive out to greencastle LOL. U had several chances to just shut the fuck up and drop everything but for some reason your old fucking ass wanted to post more pics on more sites. U just dont get it FOOL. Good maybe if your lawyer fights and seems to know what they r talking about that will be a double wammy on you since u posted kids in April LMAO. Now take a seat. Scroll thru all the messages where u said u had blood work done pretty sure its under 1 of the 10 sites u posted on and that he gave u all diseases and the scabs came from him etc. u cant pull up the other stuff since u went thru the childish sites but we have copies for you if your brain needs refreshed. See ya later u wonderful mother LOL do u just sit and think about us all day and night i mean u mise well shit i can give u some pointers and NO he didnt stay with u he lives at his house dumb hoe u were a free fuck. Dumber than shit so y wouldnt someone get what they want from u thats all u r good for u have nothing else to offer. Your fat your ugly you stink and u have several kids that u lose custody of and u r a walking mental case i mean wtf haha he will never leave this dime for your ass butchy

  78. Post

    I am friends with alot of people because i dont fuck with people shit nor do i steal or act all crazy hoe. U have no friends what so ever. U had a whole facebook page made up with pictures of saying on there etc. lisa cox lynn sparks that is how u know u r nuts when u actually make up a page and post fake shit on there grow up butchy done with u i have nothing else to say to ur ass have a nice life cant wait foebu to find a man so u can quit stalking us stalk yr new mans wife shit

  79. Post
    Put more pictures up

    Ummm his daughters grown big difference and I could put a bikini on way before u can LMAO they dont make them in your size JOLLY GREEN GIANT bye butchy keep on posting if u want matter of fact put more pictures up like u always do LmAO

  80. Post

    Hey isnt your daughter posted online in a bikini thru LMODELZ??? I thought it was illegal oh man u better talk to a different atty thats weird that a place like that would post an underage girl maybe u should report them and get them in trouble for a company to post such a thing.

  81. Post
    Brace mouth

    I am great and count again dumby and im not taking u to court for because u cant he is tkaing u for saying he gave u diseases and u saying he molested your daughter but honey believe me if i could take u for it I WOULD and oh another famous saying of yours you already called or u already checked into it haha girl shit up he knew u were lying hes a judge u know like the one that threw u in jail he knew u were full of shit everyone is the bad guy but u dont ever do anything but seems that u get charged for it wow u either need to be a better liar or stop doing the dumb shit u do fugly

  82. Post
    Thief TINA

    I can post however many i want bitch u started all of it think before u fucking post u have kids that are supposed to look up to your dumb ass. Do u tell ur kids how u play these website games oh wait u didnt do anything so u probably tell them we did it first LOSER. Hey y did u lie to your job about all those messages i thought u keep it real lmao u never answered that question smarty pants

  83. Post
    How many men r going to leave u

    Nobody is attacking her but my mother brother sister and everyone else u mentioned has done nothing to u so why did u bring them up. U should ask yourself all of these same questions TINA everything u did and said is the same damn thing I followed your lead I mean u r way older. U should of thought about that prior to doing what u did. I even gave u a chance to not do it since u had kids but fuck u blew that right out the door by keep posting different pics on different sites. Y dont u just shut the fuck up and move on with your life and maybe one day u may see a change in how things work out in your life. If u havent got it in all these years maybe start now what u have been doing clearly doesnt work for u. And of course u divorced dennis stupid he put ur ass out he didnt want u so after u made his life a living hell u divorced him u dont have a choice but too when the person doesnt want u anymore DUH so keep bringing up my family some more ask urself y someone would do such a thing when U dont know them u want to do all this shit to someone and there family but dont want anyone talking about u or yours BItCH please now make a choice shut the fuck up and stay off the internet or keep going

  84. Post

    Sure did say it after u said shit about my mother and sister and everyone else in my family cause and effect hoe cause and effect u r the cause and u did all the first and yes u fucking did say that u dumb bitch so y wouldnt u call the police if he did that and y were u still trying to contact him after he did that hmmmm bye butchy

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