Tight End Transformation Gabby Kerr Update!

Nick! Please put this Gabby Kerr on blast. We have seen her on here a few (link1, link2) , but wow look at this transformation. She had a brief period where she was starting to look cute and then she botched herself. She is now the biggest fake looking tranny. She used to look like such a wholesome girl who went to school and studied hair or something. But has now decided to instead invest her (questionable) money paying for ugly tramp stamps, extensions that SCREAM fake, fake boobs with the largest nips you have ever seen and lip injections at age 22. Instead of applying what little education she has she spends most of her time up at Tight Ends Sports Bar. For those of you who don’t know about Tight Ends, it’s one step up from a strip club and one step below hooters. Pay her a visit and I am sure you will find her pushing her refund gap as close as possible for gross old SUPER creepy men so she can make a few extra bucks living from pay check to pay check. Nick, What do you think of Gabby Kerr’s transformation?

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