Tiffany Haynes/West — Salem, Oregon

This woman was 23 when she begun babysitting my nephew whom was 14 at the time. She then took her job opportunity of babysitting and turned it into casually sleeping with a boy whom just turned 14 saying she loves him and wants to have a baby with him and get married and be there for him. This whore got pregnant when my nephew turned 15 and she was 24 (in Oregon the statue of limitations on rape is 3 years and this child molester is 6 years older than my nephew) she had my nephew running away for om foster care to help her pay bills and while he was out working she had men in and out if her house on a daily basis, trading sex for money or clothing or a free hit of crack. This bitch then took my nephew’s child away from him never allowing him to be apart of his sons life after she took away my nephew’s childhood she stole his fatherhood as well. She only raped my nephew to gain a child out of the situation. Now this bitch still sucks and fucks for her next fix, bills to be paid and items for her son. This bitch is pregnant and claimed it was my nephew’s until a month ago when she disappeared with his child and married a registered sex offender whom now she is trying to name my nephew’s unborn child this piece of shits name. This woman deserves to be behind bars.

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