Tiffany Ann (Floyd) Parlor — Charleston, South Carolina

Meet Tiffany Parler maiden name Floyd of Summerville,SC. Tiffany is the wife of a loving husband and together they have a 3 yr old son. Although Miss Tiffany looks sweet and innocent she is the exact opposite, she is more like a snake in the grass or as some would say a “Wolf in sheeps clothing”! This home wrecker uses her fake innocent charm on her married Bosses,Mangers and Supervisors to try to climb the corporate ladder! She fills these men’s heads with false lies about her loving husband saying he neglects her, abuses her and shows her no love or affection, her abusive and disfunctional childhood and her lack of love from her father who was supposedly in prison most of her childhood which again are all LIES! This home wrecker will befriend the wives of her targets gather info on how the marriage between them are wether it is good, bad and what does he offer to the marriage and if she is intrigued by what she is told she goes all in with manipulating them by telling them how they deserve so much more than their wives and how she would love them more,do more for them and be there for them more than anyone else. At her last job she was having an affair with her program manager where she was his secretary and his wife also worked for the same Company and in the same building. Tiffany befriended her managers wife, had lunch with her daily, would call and text her, Tiffanys family would hang out with her program managers family (his wife, 3 children, 2 grand babies and his mother and father in law ) on the weekends at the lake, had her lovers wife cut her young sons hair and would tell his wife occasionally just how lucky she was to have such as loving and faithful husband and that she idolized their love for one another while all along she was sleeping with him and planning on leaving her husband and son and marrying this woman’s husband, her manager. She would use their company emails to send love letters, marriage poems, and plans to be married to each other and she would always sign “Love Your soon to be wife, Tiffany ****. Her lover O and his wife was inseparable, always going on vacations together, going out together, laughing and always enjoying one another and rarely ever seen without the other. Everyone including his wife thought they had the perfect marriage, that they were meant for one another, people who knew them would have never thought that infidelity would destroy them. The affair started out as little comments, then text messages (she would even text him pics of her and her husbands son)! Then it escalated to meeting at lunch at a secluded park while telling everyone at work they had a meeting to attend and there she would play the pitiful victim of a loveless and abusive marriage and parental abandonment from her father…again all lies. Then one morning the plan was sent and the hotel was booked. O told his wife that they couldn’t ride in together cause he had meetings and Tiffany dropped her son off at daycare like any other normal day and then drove across the street and met O at the hotel. After they left the hotel them both came to work as nothing no happened and Tiffany had lunch with O’s wife like always. Tiffany is a master manipulator and can make herself look and act sweet and innocent….again, she is the true definition of a Master manipulator and con-artist. The end result of this affair ended when O came clean to his wife. O’s wife exposed the affair on social media so all of their friends,family,coworkers everyone else would know that no marriage is as perfect as it seems and to expose Tiffany for who she really is. An ethics complaint was against him for fraternization so O was terminated from his job and his position as an upper level management position as a government contractor. Tiffany resigned after filing an ethics report on O’s wife for threats but she was not terminated so she “feared” for her safety, as she should have! Tiffany was transferred to O’s program from another program within the company after she had an affair with the program manager in charge of a different project/program. Her then lover/ boss “we will call him JC” had her transferred from his project when things began to get serious between the two because she was also trying to manipulate him into leaving his wife and family so they too could be together and get married. Tiffany came to work for the company where she had the two affairs with her superiors after she was forced by her husband to quit her previous job when he found out that she had been having an affair with her boss at the time who was also married and with children. Tiffany has serious issues and the need to be with other women’s husbands. If you ever come across this snake and you are married or she works for your husband just know that your marriage is in danger and don’t let her manipulate you into believing she is a sweet, innocent person and a loving wife and mother because she has tried multiple times to abandon her loving husband and young son to try to gain more than her husband has already provided her! Attached you will see not only pics of her but the home her husband Paul built for her, what she once called her dream home!

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