Thomas Moore – South Carolina

My husband Thomas Allen Moore is a cheater, liar, deadbeat, thief, and user. I met this man through a family member in prison. We connected on a business level in the start of our relationship. We had the same goals in business. He was in prison for a long time, so I thought he learned his lesson and wanted to get out to change his life. He got out, we started our businesses together, got married, and had a baby. Our first marriage and first baby. During and after my pregnancy this man cheated on me, stole money from my child and I, left while staying gone for days and months at a time, told lies, played games, kept secrets, hurt my child and I over and over again. I payed this man’s parole/probation fees, helped him start his own business, brought him a work truck/tools etc, and my family and I gave this man everything. He thank us by causing destruction into our lives. This man is from Miami Florida, Sumter SC, and lived in Columbia SC with me. His (Christian) aunt Ann encouraged him to cheat on me the first time and leave my child and I. His whole family are evil people, liars, jealous hearted, and a bunch of drunks. I’ve been a loyal, loving, faithful, honest, and very helpful to this man. He played with myself, my baby, and my family. He have a beautiful wife and baby… What a fool. BEWARE of this nasty dirty stank dog.

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