Teddy Grable – Nebraska

Gave up everything and moved to NE for Teddy Grable (Graybill). He begged me to move to NE said he loved me and wanted to go through the sunset f our lives together. He is 68 and I am 61. He is a singer and said he speaks through music. He sent numerous recordings to me on fb and emails with notes or dedications. We were living together for 4 months when he met a 35 yr old girl and was having an affair with her. I left the same day that I found out. He denied it but the day I was moving out she was at the house. He drives a Lexus and is a real charmer. Turns out he is broke and living on a low income Social Security, SSI and Food Stamps. He uses women for financial gain and sponges off family and friends for money. He is on Parole of a 30 year sentence for murder/attempted murder he shot a man that was out with a girl he was cheating with while in a live-in relationship (the man died twice but they brought him back). He has been married 4 times and has had numerous relationships all of which he has lied and cheated. He has 6 children of which only one has a relationship with him. He abuses prescription meds and steals them from friends and family when unable to get them from the doctor. He is a recovering drug addict and alcholic. Has been in trouble with the law since he was a child. Been in reformatories etc..He belongs to a spiritual group called SatSung in Omaha NE and professes Spirituality. Took vows with this group that he breaks on a regular basis.He has a violent temper and extremely controlling, a huge manipulator and liar.

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