Ted Hastra is a Violent Sexual Predator Denver, CO

Ted Hamstra who lives in Denver, Colorado is a well-documented sexual predator of young women in the area. He works for Merrill Lynch in Denver, CO. Shame on you Merrill Lynch for allowing such a predator in the Denver community to work for you and fostering it in today’s society. He also volunteers at the University of Colorado what is even more disgusting.

Ted violates young women for sexual acts that he finds online for money and gifts. They are normally 20 to 30 years younger. This sexual monster will get violent and aggressive after payments are made and he thinks he owns you. From what I can tell he has been doing this for many years and countless acts. It is also well known around Denver that Merrill Lynch has turned a blind eye to it due to his practice with them.

All that have been violated and attached by Ted Hamstra need to come forward.

Someone needs to stop the monster known as Ted Hamstra in Denver!

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