Tara Cross And Sid Huffman — Buckhannon, West Virginia

On February 26th 2014 I married Tara in a simple easy ceremony which constituted of going to our preachers house to tie the knot. We were just like many couples in that there’s an adjustment to each other’s lives as well as life together with her 3 daughters from 3 different men. We all had things we needed to work on and I had to work becoming a step father and a father in general because I have no kids. It’s trials and tribulations. For 2 years of marriage we were excited about our future together and making a life together to grow into old age. But it was just a fucking joke. I’ve never and will never cheat on a woman. I respect women too do that to them. And the whore told me that she never cheated on anyone and would never cheat on me, right! I believed in her and believed her and boy was that a mistake! I worked out of town quite a bit and never would believe what I found out was going on. Love is blind? Maybe or fucking dumb. We separated and eventually divorced and I find out the woman slept with her dirtbag lover the morning and evening we married! And for 2 years this had cheated on me and the bitch should be a actress for her performance of being a good wife while she constantly lied to me. I gave the 2 years of my life and loved with all my heart and it meant absolutely nothing to her.

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