Tanya Gersh — Whitefish, Montana

My husband and I had just moved to Whitefish, Montana, and we had gotten situated in an apartment and started house hunting. We ended up having Tanya Gersh, as are Realtor. We had scheduled a day of showings with her; however, my mother was sent to urgent care with heart problems that morning, so I wasn’t about to go to any showings. I love my mom, and I felt I had to stay by that phone. I told my husband Jacob to go ahead and go to the showings with Tanya, who seemed very professional and very friendly–foreshadowing….He basically said he found the house and gave a verbal agreement. I was just…shocked…what? He explained that he had found our dream home…without me?! The next morning, I was about to do his laundry and he had a woman’s fingernail in his back pocket? I can imagine how it got there, but whose was it? Needless to say, I went to Tanya’s office and inspected her hand, and yes, there was the newly replaced nail. It took months for me to get over this, and it still casts a shadow over my marriage.

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