Tanya Barton Drumm — Marysville, Ohio

My husband traveled half the month for his job. He started acting weird and low and behold I found he was having an affair with this whore! I sent her a message on Facebook and she claimed she knew nothing about him being married. Even claimed she wanted nothing to do with all that drama her words!! But here it is September 3 months after I asked her to stop seeing MY HUSBAND and she’s still dating him. I warned her I was going to post her on here she obviously doesn’t care. She is a stripper! Alcoholic Coke addict. She has been married twice and divorced w 3 kids only has one child left her in custody. She’s never home taking care of her daughter. Instead, she has been trying to contact our daughter through Facebook. She is desperate…looking for sugar daddy. Oh and she spreads disease…my husband tested positive chlymadia!

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