Tanislado Colis – Texas

Stay away from this guy! He also goes by the name of Dany, but this is the name he showed me on his Sam’s Club card. He works at the new restaurant right across the street from Vaqueros on Closner in Edinburg. I almost fell for his lies, but my friend got badly burned by him. He’s worked at alot of restaurants here in the RGV and I know him from one where I used to waitress. When he work at Vaqueros he slept around with one waitress after another–no matter how old or young they were even when his wife was 7 months pregnant! Surprise surprise, his wife left him probably because of his lying and cheating ways. The RGV is a small place especially Edinburg and the restaurant workers all go to the same stores every day like Sam’s Club, Aguileras, Veras, the HEBs and Stripes, Jrs and I’ve heard from a bunch of girls who work at these that he fooled or tried to fool. He didn’t fool me I got suspicious when one of the first things he asked was if I was a citizen and did I own my own house. I lied and told him yes did just to see what he would say, but I still live with my parents. He seemed interested but by then I had already heard about him going from waitress to waitress and I figured he was probably illegal or his visa was running out. One of those. But my poor friend who works at one of the stores got her heart badly broken before she knew about him. The poor girl fell for him in a real bad way. She had gotten in a car accident and was waiting for some money from the other guy’s insurance and when the money came in she bought him a bunch of stuff like clothes, a cell phone, speakers for his truck and lots of tickets to concerts even sent money to his mom in Mexcio until her money was all gone. She didn’t think anything of it until she heard from someone who works at Vaqueros that he had been living with an older lady for a while now. When they met he had told her that he was living with his aunt and her husband but turns out it was a lie because he used to go to IHOP alone with this older lady every weekend and they were always touching and kissing and very ‘”close.” When she asked him about it he said again she was his aunt. I told her I would try to find out about then I asked a friend who use to work with him at Vaqueros and he told me that the older lady was his “wife” who had a lot of money but she couldn’t get married because she was still just separated from her husband. That’s when my friend dumped him but not before she spent all her money and was totally in love with the liar. She was a mess for months, poor thing. Don’t get taken in by this cheater. He just wants your money or a green card or a quick f**k. The worse thing is you will never know it becaue he is not very good looking and acts all honest and helpful to everybody.

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