Tammi Garman — Ft. Worth, Texas

This woman was one of my sons friends moms. I became friends with her threw the boys. After started hanging out with her she would say horrible things like “asians are ugly” when im asian. She would also tell me how much my husband wanted her. One day in pool she was drunk and said skinny dip. Went along with it. Needless to say she tried to jump my husbands bones. Kicked her out and unfortunately kids are no longer friends. Not only did she try to ruin our family but her sons ONLY friend was my son. She could care less though. Its all about her. On welfare at age of 32 with 5 children and she constantly buys herself flamboyant things like fake green eyes. Im not sure why she doesnt spend that money buying her plethora of children groceries. I guess shes happy that the tax paying, hard working people buying her groceries and making sure her kids are fed so the little money she makes she can go drink with. Her current so called husband isnt much better he has 4 other kids from a previous marriage and doesnt work because child support takes too much of his check. Talk about some wastes of space.

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