Tameka Rush chick wilding – Georgia

I was taking my trip to school in another state for truck driving and caught the bus. I met this chick and she just started talking to me. Telling me about she just ended a relationship today so she said she needed someone to talk to about the break up. Guessing she needed comfort. So she gave me her number and then I proceeded to give her mine. Not even a day flew by and she wanted to have sex with me. I knew from there she wasn’t s***. You just got out a relationship I said? You barely know me she didn’t replied. Wanted to be in a relationship right away..Wtf? Started sending me pics of her p****, titties and a** and I asked her she get down like that? She said yes knew from there something wasn’t right. Had a few conversations with her and then she already wanted to hit the road with me. Wtf? So she blew my phone up like crazy , text me like crazy and I could tell something wasn’t right about this woman. If a woman could jump to go with any man that mean she would go with any Radom m*********** and not care about what is put into her body and you first couldn’t get me to know more about me but you wanted me to f***? No sounds like a set up to me it too much diseases floating in Atlanta. I mean damn I see why it has da same disease rate as a third world country and I don’t want to be no statistic that. To think about it that chick disgust me. This broad could have been doing this for years and the niggas who hit it on the first night aint thought about it ? Got to be smarter fellas. I wouldn’t risk sticking my d*** in something I just met without knowing there background first Tameka Rush chick wilding

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