Suzy Luz Dennis – Denver, Colorado

Quite frankly Suzy Luz Dennis… you’re a sad, weak vengeful criminal whose words hold little to no value at all. Shouldn’t you be preparing for your arraignment for your felony? Wow, priorities. Not only do you illegally grow and traffic marijuana, you and your ambulance chaser boyfriend have bought and sold highly illegal drugs (of which many can attest to witnessing). I’ll be sure to ask the DEA to pull all your phone records, I’m sure there’s all the evidence they need, and don’t worry your just as guilty as your boyfriend. I’m sure I can tip them off before you’re arraignment coming up for your felony. Might as well, I mean this should be a coca case, so maybe they need more info honestly. The only reason you’ve been posting stuff about me is because you think I’m an informant in your case, so why don’t actually go be that. I’ll round up the troops. Hey here’s an idea you low life ugly thai balloon titty skank, why don’t you stop sucking down drugs and start taking care of your son that your parents have. You are an extremely violent, raging, druggie, psychpath, who everyone hates. You have zero self respect. When you talk about SCUM .. you definitely meant yourself, SUZY LUZ DENNIS, the scummiest of them all. You’re the winner. You should look in the mirror and get some help. Your brain is clearly fried from all the drugs. Suzy, how about you and I go in for a hair follicle test and see who the real drug user is? I voluntarily will no problem and pass with flying colors. Don’t open your dumb a55 mouth unless you know what you’re talking about or you’ll find yourself in court being charged like your about to be. You have no money, live or lived in a shitty grow house, travel on drug money, pretend like your life is great with all your trips, you smile that fake a55 smile… B1tch we all know you aren’t happy. .. except when you got your fun dip, feen. You dont care about your son except to pose for a quick selfie, your boyfriend doesn’t want you and never has, you have zero friends, NO ONE LIKES YOU. YOU ARE THE FILTH OF THE PLANET. YOU’D RATHER GET GANG BANGED AND EAT SPOONFULS OF MOLLY THAN RAISE YOUR CHILD. TAKE THESE LIES ABOUT ME DOWN, STAY OUT OF MY LIFE, STOP TRYING TO CONTACT HUMAN SERVICES, ITS NOT GOING TO WORK. YOU ARE TRYING TO BE VENGEFUL AND ITS SO OBVIOUS. FUK OFF ONCE AND FOR ALL. YOU ARE NOTHING. YOU HAVE NOTHING. YOU ARE DISGUSTING, EVIL, ROTTEN TO THE CORE. YOUR PRETTY MUCH HOPELESS AND A WASTE OF SPACE. Apparently you have time to internet bully? Get a life or go buy yourself an ass in Thailand. You’re just a jealous hater. Always have been, always will be. I have no sympathy for you. You created your pathetic life and now you’re washed up, brain fried, depressed, and looking for someone to bring down to make yourself feel better. Go to rehab, get a job, try to take responsibility for your criminal activity, try to take responsibility for your son, I don’t know… maybe go to church? Seek Jesus? Close your legs? Dont get gang banged? Dont buy girls off backpage to have sex with? Dont consume so many drugs? Maybe try not considering to work for a porn site? Maybe try not being such a disgusting anorexic skank? These are just ideas. ALSO, I HOPE THE DEA FINDS OUT EVERY PIECE OF INFORMATION AND THIS BLOWS UP IN YOUR FACE. BECAUSE LORD KNOWS YOU ARE NOT INNOCENT BY ANY MEANS. GOOD LUCK YOU LYING DEGENERATE. I’ll voluntarily be your punching bag. That’s fine suzy. I Because my life is going wonderful and I’m making all the right choices, by all means, do what you need . Post what you want. It will never change the truth of who YOU really are or make your life any better. You’ll still be miserable trash, lying to yourself and the general public. You hate yourself and your life so much that you resort to pointing fingers at every one else when the real issue is YOU. I’m not the only one that knows who the real disgusting Suzy dennis is. We all do. This is her, it truly is who she is. Not surprising at all. She lives to suck sick, create drama and start conflict. Suzy Dennis is poison and needs a mental facility or rehab. I don’t think she knows half of what comes out of her mouth she’s so brain dead. Quit taking drugs and snapping photos of your anorexic 12 year old boy body in other countries with your drug money, while abandoning your kid. LOSER

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