Suzy Dennis – Denver, Colorado

ATTENTION ATTENTION!! this is very important. Here is the truth you need to know: Please people of Planet Earth, you are being warned to stay very far away from this being in the photo, named, Suzy Dennis. If you have already encountered her, cut ties immediately. If you have her in your life at all, in any way, cut ties immediately. Get away as quickly as possible, and don’t look back. Suzy Dennis is a soul sucking energy vampire who will use and abuse you to no end. Trust your spidey sense and know that this girl is the darkness within the planet! She must be forgotten about as soon as possible.

She is a succubus and lives to create drama between people, only to steal their energy. Suzy is notorious for placing blame and turning all of her wrong doings onto others, even though she herself created all of the most horrible situations and outcomes you can possibly think of. She plots the most cold hearted revenge on others of this world. She is not an ally to the human race. She is dangerous and unstable, please stay away if you want a chance at a happy positive life. Associating with Suzy Dennis will always lead you into negative situations you do not want any part of. This girl is trouble. If you respect yourself and If you want a drama free, beautiful life then stay away from her. I promise you, it will be the best decision you have ever made. A glimpse into what her life looks like: She has all the time in the world to cause destruction as she leeches off of her boyfriend, Lee, for well over 5 years now. We are unsure as to how long she will continue to do so.

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