Super Scary Thug Barry “Snooks” Stevenson

This is Barry Stevenson… known as “snooks” to his friends. Once a child millionaire after his father embezzled thousands of dollars from unsuspecting people BUT NOW he’s just a regular WESTBROOK BUM! Barry was a nice guy when I first met him told me he liked me but always hid me away from his friends or family and we’d always stay in my apartment or a hotel never going out. I wondered why we wouldn’t go out or why he wouldn’t let me meet anyone he knew then I realized he hasn’t came out to anyone making me his biggest secret. Well not any more!! I’m sick of being treated like a piece of ass and only being talked to when he’s feeling down or sad…… so fuck you Barry! He sucked my d1ck AND fuked me in the a$$ AND before he left my apartment a couple of weeks ago after we got into a argument he told me not to tell anyone I know about us or that he would kick my head in and our relationship would be over…….THEN I find out he has a WHOLE family! a baby mama with how many kids??? Blast this piece of sh1t Nik!
OP — Did the chain stay on when you fuked?

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