Steven Jones Is The Biggest Scumbag In Little Rock

You have to hear about Steven Tyler Jones. He is the biggest loser in Little Rock. He is constantly throwing parties at his house, doing drugs, all while leaving his poor little son locked in his room and forced to watch tv ALL NIGHT. It never stops. Night after night Drinks and lots of party favors and the next day he’s hungover on the couch while his 4 year old is left alone to fend for himself. By this I mean eating peanut butter and drinking orange soda until he comes out of his drunken stupor.

He is simply DISGUSTING! He constantly parading strange women from Tinder in and out of his place (ever since his wife left him and took his other kid. Guess she couldn’t take it anymore) The only reason they talk to him is for free drugs, which he gets from stealing at his job at Baptist Health. There is currently a custody case against him and I hope neither him or his trashy baby’s mother gets custody of that poor child. They JUST GOT the kid back from DHS custody and Steven is still partying away. So sad. Frat days are over its time to grow up! you have responsibilities now.I hope he sees this post and gets some HELP!
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