This perverted son of a b**** Stephen Rumpf advertises himself in newspapers all around New York City as an Organist Tutor or Piano Teacher but in reality all he does is use it as a ruse to get close to your young children, especially young boys. I caught him sitting a little too close to my young son Jason while Stephen Rumpf was supposedly teaching him “Row Row Row Your Boat” on the piano, and Stephen Rumpf was fondling my son’s p**** through his underwear and whispering in his ear while sticking his tongue in his ear. Clearly at this point I notified my husband, who immediately came down the stairs and gave Stephen Rumpf the beating of his life. We also called the police, but all of this was quickly hushed up because Stephen Rumpf is apparently a Freemason in New York City in the Joseph Warren Gothic Lodge No. 934, and they all apparently routinely get away with child molestation, child rape, child pornography, underage homosexual sex, forming “charities” only for retarded children so they can manipulate and molest them better, and even worse, ritual murder, and satanism. Apparently this butt-f****** f***** Stephen Rumpf was a Grand Master or some such other b******* in this Masonic Lodge, and therefore he gets to freely molest and rape and fondle and otherwise touch and finger-f*** young kids all throughout New York State to his perverted pedophile heart’s content, because he is protected by other Freemasons in the NYPD and the FBI. If you see this son of a b****, or are tempted to let him be near your kids, be forewarned – he is SINGLE and he is ALWAYS on the prowl for young child sex. Keep him away from you and your kids. If you also have further information regarding the sexual predilections and crimes of this arch-pervert, you are urged to contact the Manhattan District Attorney at (212) 335-9000, or the US Attorney SDNY, or the NY FBI which upon information and belief already have an open file and investigation on him.

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