Stephanie Morris — Clinton, Missouri

Stephanie Morris lives in Clinton, Missouri. It is a small town so I’m sure this is not news to anyone that lives there. Stephanie frequently engages in having many relationships at one time. Many times she involves herself with married men knowing they are still married or men that are recently single and vulnerable to her mind games. She will intentionally seek out men who are mentally weak and tell them everything they want to hear, until she is no longer getting what she wants or gets bored with them, then she returns to her on again off again boyfriend until she finds her next victim. She frequently pawns her child off on others so she can go out to drink and party with her friends or sleep with her newest man toy. When her game is up she will try to flip the table and make you out to be the bad guy or herself the victim. Beware. She is a special kind of homewrecker.

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