Stephanie McNally – Romeoville, IL, Illinois

Head on over to Life Time Fitness in Romeoville and see Stephanie McNally, she will not only train you but till take it to the next step by taking your business to a whole new level.  Heard more than enough and I am upset that this facility has not fired her for what she did to my friend.  What bs, how on earth is she still working there?  Bad for business and moral conduct.  What personal trainer takers her clients away from their married spouce!  Unheard of.  I am ashamed at this place of business.  I guess we can say she’s good at some thing, breaking up marriages and relationships, been hard at work training to be the best home wrecking personal trainer known to man.  Ah if only she knew what damage, hurt and unmoral values she has caused.  Hope hell brings her good pleasure.  Guess she came from a broken home or family to have to feel the need to be such a bad person.  Will girls like this ever learn. 

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