Stephanie Dawn Earwood — Blanchard, Idaho

This woman wants a few good men, especially yours. She hides behind a “good Christian” label, and a will be quite judgmental of others who does as she does (pregnancy out of wedlock, adultery, etc.). She even had sex with another man in her daughter’s bed. She is open to analthing, as long as she can open her legs. She treats her husband like a doormat because she knows he will never leave her. She has lived in many cities on both coasts as well as Europe. She also has ties to NC & Virginia, so watch out. Her latest spot is Idaho (I da Ho) – how ironic is that? She is great at sweet talking the men and playing a poor victim. My former husband was one of the pieces of shit she played. She has plenty of time to “sneak into town by herself” so she can talk….or whatever else floats your boat. FYI – According to her husband, her mother is just like her. Anything is on the table with her.

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